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Lovingly POS Best Practices & FAQs
Lovingly POS Best Practices & FAQs

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To ensure seamless transactions (and to avoid credit card declines):

  1. Enter the customer's preferred email. AVOID entering the same email for multiple orders. This can trigger credit card declines.

    ​EMAIL ADDRESS IS AN OPTIONAL FIELD. You can leave empty if you prefer, but do NOT enter the same email address for multiple orders. While this field is optional, Lovingly recommends including a valid customer email address to take advantage of the automatic post purchase confirmation emails that keep your customer informed and connected.

  2. Ensure that the customer name matches the name on the payment credit card. If they don't match, this can also trigger credit card declines.

  3. Double check that all the required credit card info is correct - the CVV, zip code, etc. Anything not matching will result in a credit card decline.


What is the cost of using the Lovingly POS?

For Lovingly Premier Florists, the Lovingly POS is FREE - no monthly charge, no commission, no contract, no strings attached. 

The processing fee for credit card orders is a competitive 2.9% + 30¢ per order. Cash orders are 100% free!

Am I charged the Lovingly fee on POS orders?

No! The ONLY costs for POS orders is the credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢. Cash orders are completely free. For Lovingly partners, there are no other fees for using the Lovingly POS. 

Do I need to install anything?

No! If you’re already a Lovingly partner and set up to print order notifications, you’re all set. The Lovingly POS is already available via your Lovingly Admin - head to the New Order form to get started. 

How do I print receipts for POS orders?

After you submit the payment information for a new POS order, you’ll see a pop-up with your printing options. You can print customer receipts, order notifications, and SuperTickets - just select the options you’d like to print. 

You can also reprint receipts at any time via your Order List. 

Can I add a product that is not in my Product Selection Guide to the New Order form?

Yes! You can easily add any kind of custom item to the order form simply by typing in a description and price. 

Can I use my card reader to swipe credit cards? 

Lovingly POS doesn’t currently support card readers. Credit card numbers can be manually entered into the New Order payment screen, and are processed through our fully compliant payment gateway, so your customers’ data is secure and protected. 

To ensure seamless transactions, please see the BEST PRACTICES at the top of this article.

Does the Lovingly POS sync with accounting software, like Quickbooks? 

At this time, Lovingly POS does not sync with external accounting software, but you can easily access statements, sales reports, transfer history, and more through your account. You can also download Sales reports that can be imported to Quickbooks. 

Lovingly Invests in Additional Fraud Protection

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