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Lovingly Weddings

Lovingly helps connect you with people searching for a wedding florist in your area.

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With Lovingly Weddings, we connect you with newly-engaged couples looking for a wedding florist in your area. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • The happy couple describes their wedding vision on 

  • Lovingly shares all the details (date, venue, style) with nearby partner florists (you!) 

  • You reach out to the couple to book a consultation and secure the job! 

Along with bringing you highly qualified wedding leads, Lovingly is helping educate couples about how to plan their wedding florals - making your job easier. We’re bringing in more informed, more streamlined consultations for you, so you can book each event quickly and profitably. 

The best part? It’s FREE. No monthly fee, no catch. It’s another benefit of being a Lovingly Premier Florist. 

How are leads assigned to florists?
Leads are assigned based on distance from the couple’s event location. 

How will I know when I have a new Lovingly Wedding lead?
Lovingly will notify you in two ways:
   •  A message sent to your printer with an overview of the wedding information
   •  An email containing all contact information and details of the event

How will newly-engaged couples find Lovingly Weddings?
We’ll take care of that! We’ll be using social media, Search Engine Optimization, and more to promote this free service. 

What does it cost?
Nothing, if you’re a Lovingly Premier Florist! This is an absolutely free service for our partners. 

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