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Lovingly Weddings on your website storefront helps you gather more qualified leads.

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We know that weddings florals are a huge part of your business - so Lovingly is making it easier for you to capture those important weddings leads! 

Introducing Lovingly Weddings for your Lovingly Store - an information-gathering assistant that makes it easy for you to get more qualified leads and book more weddings.

What does it do?

Lovingly Weddings offers your customer a user-friendly way to give you relevant details about their wedding plans, such as location, wedding party size, style, and the types of florals they think they’ll need. By asking the basic questions for you, before the consultation, you get a head start and save time. 

The customer’s contact info and wedding details are sent straight to you via email and a printer notice so you can follow up and book the job. 

Here’s a quick demo of Lovingly Weddings in action! 

If at any time the customer exits the Lovingly Weddings window, they’re also prompted to leave their email address so you can still follow up with them. 

How does it work? 

Using smart filters and intelligent analysis, the Lovingly Weddings assistant will show on certain pages of your Lovingly Store when it’s likely that your customer is looking for wedding information. 

If customers get to your homepage via certain other relevant websites, like theknot.com, the page displays the Lovingly Weddings icon.

If you have a Wedding Flowers Gallery page, a large Lovingly Weddings banner displays as well as the icon with a “Start Here” bubble. 

Certain search terms also trigger the Lovingly Wedding icon with the “Start Here” bubble, such as bride, groom, corsage, and boutonniere (and many more!). 

Your Contact Us page displays the Lovingly Weddings icon with the “Start Here” bubble. About Us displays the Lovingly Weddings icon only. 

What should I do when I get a lead?

Follow up with your customer as soon as you can! Most couples contact multiple vendors before hiring, so getting in touch quickly could make or break the booking. 

And don't forget to share their excitement! This may be a business transaction for you, but it’s one of the most important days of their lives for them. Keeping a celebratory tone in correspondence and meetings can make all the difference. 

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