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Using your Lovingly POS
Upselling with Lovingly POS
Upselling with Lovingly POS

Lovingly POS and our list of best practices can help you obtain more high-value orders and satisfied clients.

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Having a specific method for taking orders in-person or by phone, and teaching those methods to your staff, will help to raise your sales and enhance client satisfaction.

As a thought-leader in the floral industry, Lovingly has put together a handy list of best practices we recommend florists follow when helping clients make a purchase. Use these best practices in the order presented whenever possible.

  • Introduce yourself by name and sound upbeat — always!

  • Ask for delivery information — who is it for and what’s the occasion?

  • Inquire about the card message — be engaging and ask lots of questions.

  • Has the client shopped with you before? — find their average spend as a guide.

  • Don’t bring up monetary value — talk designs/emotional value; suggest addons.

  • Listen for purchase clues — I just want the right thing/She’s been so great all year.

  • Focus on what you do have — never admit you don’t have something and go quiet.

Inquiring about the card message before you talk about flowers gives you an opportunity to start learning the importance of the purchase for your client.

Lovingly POS guides you through the optimal order-taking process by asking for the card message early, then the product specifics. Plus, Lovingly POS automatically reminds you to offer gift addons before submitting each order.

Lovingly POS also brings up data for regular customers in seconds, making their spending habits immediately available. 

And even when you don’t know what your client is willing to spend, you do know that clients always want great gifting experiences — so never undersell and always suggest addons.

Remember - being chatty and asking questions isn’t being intrusive, it’s being helpful.

Great customer service and fantastic sales should be recognized as one and the same thing!

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