It’s your time to shine! 

Your photo will show on the search results page when customers are looking for an artist to craft their personalized arrangement, so this is a chance to really stand out!

Use a photo of a real person
79% of consumers trust businesses more when they feature genuine photos, which means you’re more likely to get more orders when you have a great photo. Use a headshot of you or one of your designers to put a friendly face to your team’s artistry.

Take your photo in well-lit area
A dark or blurry photo won’t help you win customers. Find a bright, clean space inside or in front of the shop. If you can use natural lighting, that’s even better!

Try holding some flowers!
Add even more personality to your photo — hold a bunch of your favorite blooms! This photo is all about showing off you and what your shop is all about. 

Avoid uploading a logo
A logo won't help reassure new customers that you’re a real, local florist. Even Order Gatherers have logos! The best way to make your profile photo work for you is to use a photo of a real person. 

Say cheese!
Don’t forget to smile!

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