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New Order entry
Enter new Lovingly POS orders for pick up or delivery.

Orders and Workflow
Here, you'll find your Orders list and Daily Workflow. Just click the icon at the top, next to where it says Orders, to easily toggle between your two views.

Find all the tools you need to market your business. Click the icon to see the following options: 

Tools & Management
Reviews: View and manage your Lovingly Reviews. The pink dot means you have new reviews since the last time you checked.
Contacts: View and manage your contacts. You can also add tax-exempt contacts here.
Lovingly U: Visit Lovingly’s hub of florist resources and tips to learn about more ways to grow your business.

Coupons: Create and manage coupons for your Lovingly Store.
Google Ads: Learn more about Lovingly’s free Google Ads management services.
SuperTickets: Learn more about and order Lovingly SuperTickets—use the printer you already have and stop handwriting card messages.  

View reports on your Lovingly Marketplace sales, update your shop profile, and learn more about Lovingly Marketplace features and benefits.
Dashboard: Get more information your Marketplace Shop link.
Shop Profile: Update your Marketplace profile photo (and more, coming soon).
How It Works: Read more about the ins and outs of Lovingly Marketplace.
FAQs: Have questions? We have answers! 

Coming soon!
Access your Lovingly Weddings lead information and more.

View and manage your Lovingly Store selection guide. Change product prices, enable and disable products, view product sales numbers, and more.

View, download, and print sales reports and statements, plus configure cash management.

Sales Reports: View, filter, and download sales reports for Lovingly Store, and POS.
Transfers: View the details of transfers made to your bank, including taxes, services, and the total payout to you.
Statements: Download copies of your monthly statements. 

Cash Management: Start or end a cash drawer.
Drawer Reports: View your cash drawer reports. 

At the bottom of the navigation menu, you’ll see a few more options: 

Help Center: Access Lovingly’s database of help articles for Lovingly Store and POS.
Remote Connect: When working with a Lovingly Partner Success Advisor, click here to let them get connected to your computer.
Lovingly Facebook Group: Access or join Lovingly’s closed Facebook group for florists and floral industry experts.

Account Settings & Preferences
View and update your store settings, including hours, pick up and delivery options, automatic new order printing and notification settings, and more. 

Account Information: View your Lovingly Account general information, including your account number, business address, phone numbers, and terms of service. Contact Lovingly to modify any of this information.
Hours & Closures: Adjust your same day delivery and same day pick up options, as well as your store hours and holiday closures.
Delivery Options: View delivery areas and check address distances from your shop
Payments: Set up your banking information to receive Lovingly Payments. Contact Lovingly to change your banking info.
Taxes: Adjust the sales tax you charge for Lovingly orders.

Printing: Configure printing options for New Order Notifications and SuperTickets.
Notifications: Configure email notifications for new orders, new deposits, and order refunds.
Security: Enable PIN protection for your account or change your PIN.
Employee Management: Add employees to your account for POS order tracking.
Recent Activity: View all the recent activity in your account, including new orders received, transfers, settings updates, and more.
Visit My Store: A link to your Lovingly Store homepage
View My Email: Check your Lovingly wecare email address

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