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Sharing your Marketplace Shop link
Sharing your Marketplace Shop link

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Written by Sharon McGrath
Updated over a week ago

Your Marketplace Shop link is a personalized link that lets customers place orders directly with you via Lovingly Marketplace. 

With Marketplace orders, you get 100% of the customer information, 90% of the order value, and complete creative freedom with Lovingly Artist Design orders. It’s a win-win-win for your shop. 

How do I share my shop link? 

We’ve made it easy!  

Go to your Marketplace Dashboard, and you’ll see three options: 

1. Share on Facebook 

Click the Facebook “f” icon to share your link on Facebook. For extra impact, add a caption about a special occasion or an upcoming holiday that calls for beautiful flowers!

2. Tweet 

Click the Twitter bird icon to Tweet your link. You can also add relevant hashtags (using the # symbol), like the name of your city or an upcoming event or holiday, to get extra visibility.

Click “Click here” to open your Shop page. Then, you can highlight the web address and copy it. Then, paste your direct link anywhere, like in emails and more! To paste your link, go where you’d like to put your link—for example, in the body of an email— then right-click with your mouse and select “Paste.” 

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