Lovingly Thanks!

A feature of Lovingly SuperTickets, Thanks! lets your customers easily express their gratitude and share the love.

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Lovingly Thanks! is a first-of-its-kind feature designed to revolutionize the floral gift-giving experience, while helping celebrate special moments and strengthen relationships (what we’re all about!).

How does it work?

When someone receives an arrangement using Lovingly SuperTickets with Thanks! enabled, the message card will include a personalized, one-time use QR code. 

The recipient can scan this code with their smartphone to upload a smiling selfie with their gift and send a heartfelt “Thank you!” email to the sender. They can also spread the love by sharing the photo and message on social media. 

Plus, when the recipient scans the QR code, the order is automatically marked as delivered in your Lovingly Account. 

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