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Lovingly Marketplace is Live on!
Lovingly Marketplace is Live on!
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After launching Lovingly Marketplace in the Tri-State area, many of you have been eager to be in the next regional launch. 

You’ve heard about the creative freedom you have with Lovingly Artist Design, which gives you the insight to translate emotion into art and to make a truly special gift, and you’re ready for more meaningful orders!

Surprise! We’re launching it to everyone right now!

The response to has been so amazing that we couldn't wait to roll it out by region.

Check out our handy list of details to make sure you’re set up for success.

What is Lovingly Marketplace? 

What’s the best experience for a customer to buy flowers today? It’s in your shop! Based on their unique story, you can offer your expert advice on the perfect gift, and create a beautiful, meaningful arrangement.

But that kind of personalized connection is completely missing with online ordering today. All you get is a delivery address and a recipe for an arrangement to assemble, with no opportunity to create something truly special. recreates the in-store shopping experience, and offers something totally one-of-a-kind to your online shoppers and to you. 

How Does This Help My Customers? 

By offering a guided in-store experience online, makes it easy for your shoppers to avoid stress and feel confident sending a meaningful gift. See how Sarah’s gift-giving experience was a success!    

Ways to Promote Your Shop on 

Share Your Shop Page 

Starting today, you have your very own shop page on! Add a profile picture to add a personal touch, and start reaching a new world of shoppers who can now place Lovingly Artist Design (aka Florist Choice) orders directly to your shop.  

We know you love making the Lovingly Artist Design orders, and want to get more. 

Well, now you can! 

Use these easy steps to get direct orders to your shop.

Get More Customers to Your Shop! 

  • Send direct messages to fans, friends, and family to build awareness within your tribe

  • Post your link as a suggestion for a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day idea

  • Ask your friends and family to share your page on their social media channels

  • Do you collaborate with a local artisan, featuring their goods in your store? Ask them to return the favor by sharing your link on their social media channels 

Boost Your Shop Page on Facebook

Woohoo! You just shared your shop page on your Facebook business page. Now what? 

It’s a great start, but because of Facebook’s algorithms, posting solely on your page will only go so far. To amplify the visibility of your post you might want to try boosting it. Boosting is an easy paid way to advertise your content to a larger audience. 

Not sure how to get started? Learn how to grow your Facebook audience here.  

Want to learn more about Lovingly’s roots in the floral industry? Take a look at our Open Letter from Ken and Joe.

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