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Setting Up Lovingly Workstations
Setting Up Lovingly Workstations

Configure your workstations to print thermal receipts and more.

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When you first set up your Lovingly Account as a new partner, you'll be prompted to set up each computer that you use to access Lovingly Account as a workstation. If you're already a partner and add new computers to your shop, you'll be prompted to set those up as workstations as well. 

Be sure to have your Lovingly Account username and password handy before you begin. 

It will only take a few minutes, and it's free — NO per-workstation fees. You can set up as many as you'd like!

The Benefits: 

  • As you set up your workstations, you’ll be able to connect each one to a thermal receipt printer. That means when you enter orders through your Lovingly POS on that computer, you can print thermal receipts and use your connected cash drawer.  

  • Each workstation can be connected to a different cash drawer, so you can manage separate cash drawers throughout the shop.

  • You can easily track Lovingly Account activities and POS transactions to specific computers in your shop.

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