Lovingly Marketplace provides a fun and easy online shopping experience for customers, and well-priced, emotion-based, florist’s choice orders for you.

Created in 2018 as a brand-new way to buy flowers online (so new, in fact, that Lovingly has a patent pending for this technology), Marketplace puts the personal touch and guidance of a real local florist back into online shopping.

Here are just a few of the recent optimizations!

Online shopping with a personal touch

With the new Marketplace design, shoppers first tell us a little bit about where and when they need their gift, and then select a local florist from their list of results.

Once they choose a florist, that florist’s Marketplace profile photo and details display on the left-hand panel of the screen while the shopper tells us about their reasons for sending flowers.

Along with the conversational tone on Marketplace, this creates a completely unique personal, guided experience online. The shopper feels more of a connection with the local business they’ve chosen, and your friendly face helps reassure them that you’ll take care of everything they need!

Inspiration for you, reassurance for them

As the shopper tells us about why they’re sending a gift, their answers are automatically compiled in the left-hand panel. This helps reassure the shopper that we’ve got it right — just like reading the information back to them before finalizing an order over the phone.

As a final step in the guided gifting funnel, the shopper can choose a general color theme, so you can get completely creative with the design while having just enough input to know your customer (and their recipient) will love it.

A product page optimized for sales

The simple, clean product page makes it easy for the shopper to place their order — and at a great price point for you! Since you keep 90% of the order total for Marketplace orders, you can deliver something extra special (and profitable, too).

It’s on your Lovingly Shop, too!

If you’ve upgraded into the Funnel Bundle feature package, the guided gifting experience on your Lovingly Shop website will also be updated! (Not sure if you’re upgraded? Give us a call at (800) 533-1787 or email us at help@lovingly.com to find out more!)

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