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Lovingly vs. Order Gatherers
Lovingly vs. Order Gatherers

We're on a mission to put Order Gatherers out of business. Find out how.

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Hey, Momentmakers!

From the very moment, Ken Garland and I started this company, there’s been ONE word that guides everything we do: Freedom.

Because once YOU have the financial and creative freedom you need, the possibilities for what you can achieve are endless.

Over the years I’ve spoken to a lot of florists about how I got my start in the floral industry — have you heard my story?

The bottom line?

My experience working with local florists left me completely flabbergasted by the treatment they were getting from Wire Services and Order Gatherers. I knew someone had to step in and make some huge changes, in order for local florists to survive.

And I’ve devoted the last 15 years to making the changes the floral industry needs — not just to help local florists survive, but thrive in the constantly-changing online arena.

First, we built Lovingly Shop: The most user friendly, highest-converting website in the floral industry.

But local florists are still losing out to Order Gatherers posing as local florists.

Why? Because local florists can’t even compete in the same playing field as Order Gatherers. Most of those fake florists are spending upwards of $250,000 each month on online advertising — and some are even spending closer to a million dollars a month.

Order Gatherers are destroying the floral industry without ever touching a single stem.

And that is NOT okay with me.

We’ve figured out a way to beat Order Gatherers once and for all, and I can’t wait to tell how we’re going to do it — TOGETHER.

At Lovingly, we believe — actually, we KNOW — that the real, local floral community is stronger when we work together to beat the “big box” competition.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

  1. Your Marketplace profile page is being upgraded to offer a full e-commerce experience — a brand-new way for shoppers to purchase your products, at your prices, directly from you.

  2. Up to 50% of all customer-supported $9.99 service fees will be reinvested directly back into online advertising for our Momentmaker community.

The end result?

You’re getting yet another avenue for shoppers to easily find YOU, not Order Gatherers.

We may not each be able to beat Order Gatherers on our own… But together, as a community, we CAN.

And we're putting our money where our mouth is by reinvesting in YOUR success, without asking local florists to sacrifice a single thing.

We can't bring the "good old days" back, but we CAN create a brilliant new future for the floral industry.

Ready? Let's do this!

All my best,

Joe Vega

Lovingly Co-CEO

P.S. Can't wait? Me neither. Our goal is to be ready to take Valentine's Day 2021 by storm!

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