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Saving, editing, and deleting order drafts
Saving, editing, and deleting order drafts

Easily save a draft order to complete later.

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Need to pause part way through taking an order? No problem! You can easily save a draft in your Lovingly POS and come back to complete the order later.

The minimum amount of information needed to save a draft is:

  • Order taken by (the employee taking the order)

  • Customer name

  • Customer phone number

But you should go ahead and add as much information as you have!

If for any reason you need to complete the order later, all you need to do is click “Save as Draft.” Everything you’ve entered will be saved in the Drafts section of your Order Entry screen.

Please note, secure information such as a credit card number cannot be saved as a draft. Credit card information can only be entered once you are ready to complete the transaction.

Reopen or Delete a Saved Draft

Click the “Drafts” button at the top of your Order Entry screen to see all of your saved drafts. You can search by name or phone number to find a saved draft. To open and edit a draft, click the pencil icon. To delete a draft, click the trash can and then confirm you’d like to delete that draft.

Edit a Draft

Once you’ve reopened the draft by clicking the pencil icon in the draft list, you can edit and add more information to that draft.

To save your updates and return to the draft list, click “Update Draft.”

To cancel the changes and return to your draft list, click “Cancel Changes.”

If you’re ready to proceed with placing the order, click “Proceed to Payment” and complete the order. Once the transaction has been completed, the order will automatically be removed from your drafts list.

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