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Update: Sympathy Category Expansion
Update: Sympathy Category Expansion
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Sympathy and Funeral subcategories are here!

When it comes to sending sympathy flowers, it's not always one-size-fits-all.

The Sympathy and Funeral category on Lovingly Shop now includes subcategories for specific situations.

How this helps gifters

Knowing how to express sympathy can be hard. The new subcategories make it easier and less stressful for gifters to find the most appropriate gifts for their circumstance.

How this helps you

We optimized your Lovingly Shop for sympathy flower keywords. This means more traffic from shoppers searching for sympathy arrangements.

Plus, once gifters land on your site, the new sympathy and funeral subcategories will make shopping simple. The result: more orders for you!

Note: Partners using the Lovingly Selection Guide will have the most complete experience with new sympathy subcategories. Partners using alternate PSGs won't see as many subcategories.

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