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Offer Free Delivery and Increase Your Revenue
Offer Free Delivery and Increase Your Revenue
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Offering free delivery is a quick and easy way to boost your online sales fast.

Did you know that 90% of consumers say free delivery is their #1 deciding factor when making a purchase?

According to Consumer Research

  • 73% are more likely to decide to make a purchase if it includes free delivery

  • 61% are likely to cancel their entire order if free delivery isn’t offered

  • 58% of online retailers are already offering some form of free delivery

If a Gifter doesn’t see a way to get free shipping on your website, there’s a good chance they will click their mouse over to one that does.

Remain Competitive and Profitable

Amazon and other online retailers have changed the game. Free delivery is fundamental to the way people shop online.

  • Consumers now expect free delivery, and the cost is typically just built into the price of the product.

  • Competition is broad. Offering free delivery is the best way to make sure your shop stands out.

  • Call-in and walk-in orders cost time and money. Your website acts as an “online employee” to save you money, so you can afford free delivery.

How Your Website Displays Online

  • Having “free delivery" in your meta tags and site description is huge for attracting new Gifters to your site.

  • Only around 15% of online orders are from repeat customers, so attracting new Gifters is essential.

Sound like gibberish? Lovingly handles all of this for you!

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