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Credit Card Fraud Alert
Credit Card Fraud Alert

What Lovingly Partner florists should know about credit card disputes and how to recognize potential warning signs.

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It’s come to light that some Lovingly Partners have been hit with credit card disputes since early June 2022. We've identified several customer email addresses associated with multiple disputed order charges:,,,,,,,,,,, and

Rest assured, Lovingly uses advanced fraud protection to thoroughly authenticate credit cards. Unfortunately, the most advanced fraud protection can’t protect retailers from disputes that arise from unreported stolen credits cards.

Lovingly doesn't make any commission on disputed order refunds. We do, however, have an obligation to help Partners make more money online. hint: It’s not by refunding orders after delivery.

We understand that dealing with credit card disputes is frustrating and want to support our Partners as much as possible. For clarity and transparency, here’s what Lovingly can and cannot do regarding disputed credit card issues.

What Lovingly can’t do:

  • Automatically reject suspicious orders

  • Handle credit card disputes on behalf of Partners

  • Make credit card disputes disappear

What Lovingly can do and is actively doing:

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