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Important Update About Customer Refunds
Important Update About Customer Refunds

Full customer refunds now also include non-taxable add-ons

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You asked and we listened!

When processing a full customer refund, ALL parts of the order, both taxable and non-taxable, are now fully refunded to the customer This means items like driver tips* and shop contributions* are now included.

Hopefully you don't need to issue customer refunds often, but, when you do, we hope this Lovingly Account update makes it easier for you. Thanks for your feedback!

Need a refresher? Open your Lovingly Account and follow How to issue a customer refund.

*The delivery tips & shop contributions checkout feature applies exclusively to
Lovingly PRO account partners. Lovingly passes 100% of this directly to partner florists and it's generated over $260K in incremental revenue for PRO level shops. It’s a testament to the generosity of online customers who contribute a little extra to their order at checkout.

To fast track your Lovingly PRO account upgrade, contact your Lovingly Online Business Coach or Lovingly Support.

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