In the Products section, you can view all products available for your Lovingly Store, including items from your primary Selection Guide as well as your custom products.
Navigate to your Products by clicking the flower icon.

You’ll see an overview of all of your products, including the prices and number of sales for each. If the product is listed in dark gray, that means you have it enabled for sale on your Lovingly Store. If it’s light gray, it’s disabled.
You can sort your products by clicking the heading of any column. Click again to change the sort from ascending to descending. You can also switch to a thumbnail-style view by clicking the thumbnail icon (it looks like six squares) next to the “Products” title.
In the Lovingly Assistant panel, you’ll see your Products overview, including stats about your Selection Guide as well as your recent bestsellers. You can click on any product in your list to enable or disable the product and change the price, and you can also filter and search your Products list.

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