Configure SuperTicket printing

Automatically or manually print your order details on Lovingly’s exclusive 8.5”x11” (letter-sized) SuperTicket paper.

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Load your SuperTicket paper
First, load your preferred printer tray with Lovingly SuperTicket paper. Most printers require the paper to be loaded face down with the pink end towards the inside of the printer. However, each printer is different, so you may have to experiment to get the SuperTickets to print correctly.
To configure your SuperTicket printing, navigate to Settings and select “Printing.”
Automatically print SuperTickets
If you’d like to automatically print SuperTickets for each Lovingly Store order you receive, toggle “Automatically print a SuperTicket” on (pink). If you’d prefer to manually print SuperTickets, leave this toggled off (gray). 

Select a Printer
Next, scroll down to the “SuperTicket Printer” section and make sure the correct printer and tray are selected for printing SuperTickets. 

Manually Print SuperTickets
If you’d rather not have SuperTickets print automatically with each Lovingly Store order, you can leave “Automatically print a SuperTicket” toggled off (gray), and instead selectively print SuperTickets from your Orders list.
To manually print a SuperTicket, navigate to your Orders list, select the order you’d like to print, then click “Options” (it looks like three stacked dots). Click “Print” and select “SuperTicket.”
A print preview will pop up. Make sure you have the correct destination printer selected, and click print. You can also print multiple orders by clicking the checkbox next to each order you’d like to print on a SuperTicket, then clicking Print and selecting SuperTicket.

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