In order to receive funds from your Lovingly orders, you’ll need to configure your Payments. Navigate to your Settings section and click Payments.

First, enter your shop information, including your business name and type, address, and Tax ID. Then scroll down to the shop owner information section.

Enter your legal name (no nicknames or abbreviations, please!), date of birth, and Social Security Number. Don’t worry, your Social Security Number will be encrypted and used to configure credit card processing only - it won’t be stored or viewable by anyone at Lovingly. 

Next, upload a government-issued ID, such as your driver’s license or passport. 

Scan or take a clear photograph of your ID and save it to your computer. Then click “Browse” to select the image you’d like to upload. Again, the image will not be stored or viewable by anyone at Lovingly.
Lastly, enter the banking information for the account you’d like to use for Lovingly Payments. 

You’ll find the Routing Number and Account Number at the bottom of one of your checks. Enter the numbers, then click “Complete Lovingly Payments Sign Up.” 

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