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Enter an order on Lovingly Point of Sale (POS)
Enter an order on Lovingly Point of Sale (POS)

Easy, efficient, and free for Lovingly Partners.

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It's super easy to enter orders in your Lovingly Point of Sale—and in fact, we might even go so far as to say it's fun, too! Check it out below. 

To get to your order form, click the Order Form icon in the left-hand menu - it's on the top, right under the Lovingly logo.

Start by selecting the name of the employee taking the order. Then, select the order type (Local Delivery, Pickup, or Walk-In) from the drop-down menu. For this example, we'll show you a Local Delivery order. Next, select the delivery date from the calendar. 

Now, let's add your customer information. When you click into the Customer Name field, you’ll see your contacts list automatically open in the panel on the right. If the customer is already saved in your contacts, you can scroll to locate them in the list, or search by name. Click “Add Customer Info” to populate your new order with that customer’s information. 

If the customer isn’t already in your contacts list, you can just type the new information into the order form.

If applicable, you’ll also see a list of your customer’s past recipients and order history. Click “Add” next to a recipient name to automatically populate the Recipient Name field. 

If it’s a new customer or recipient, then you can just type the new recipient information into the order form. 

Next, click into the Item field and select a product to add to the order. You can scroll, or search by product name or SKU number. Click "Add" under the product size you'd like to add to the order.

You can also type in a custom product - for example, “Mixed Bouquet with No Lilies” - and price. 

To add a second product or gift add-on to the order, just click "Add Another Item." 

After adding your items, select an Occasion and enter your customer's Card Message. You can type right into the Card Message field, or select a suggestion from the right-hand panel by clicking "Add." When you're ready, click "Proceed to Payment."

Lastly, enter the customer’s payment—credit, cash, check, or House Account. Click “Complete Order” to submit the order. You'll see a pop-up with options to print a SuperTicket and customer receipt. If the customer’s email address is recorded, you will also have the option to email them a receipt.

You can learn more about your Lovingly POS features here!

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