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Adding discounts and coupons to new orders

How to add a discount or existing coupon to a new order in your Lovingly POS.

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You have two options for adding discounts to a Lovingly POS order: You can add a discount per line item, or you can add a coupon code to the entire order.

Both ways of adding a discount will be reflected in the “Discount” line of the Cart/Payment section for the order.

Item Discount

To add a discount per line item, go to the Items section of the order entry form and click “Add Item Discount” underneath the items you’d like to discount. Type a dollar or percentage amount (for example, $5 or 5%). The discount will only be applied to the subtotal for that item.

Order Discount

To discount the entire order subtotal, you can add an existing coupon code in the “Coupon Code” field in the Cart/Payment section of the order. Click “Apply” to apply the coupon to all items in the order. Delivery fee and sales tax will not be discounted.

To remove a coupon that you added, just click “Remove” next to the coupon field. Only one coupon can be applied per order.

Pro tip: To have discounts handy, add coupon codes for frequently used promotions like “5OFF50” to save $5 on a $50 order.

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