Using Cash Management

Use Cash Management to keep track of cash in and cash out.

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Cash Management helps you to keep track of cash balances in your store. 

To access Cash Management, click the "$" icon. If you have a Security PIN configured, you will be prompted to enter your PIN. 

Start a Cash Drawer

If you don't already have a drawer open, you'll be able to open a new drawer. You'll also see information about your previous cash drawer. 

To start a new drawer, enter the Employee's name and the amount of cash in the drawer, then click "Start Drawer." 

Current Drawer

Once you have a drawer open, you'll see running figures for the amount of cash received from customer transactions as well as refunds since the drawer was opened. These cash amounts are automatically calculated based on cash transactions in your Lovingly POS. 

You also have the option to enter additional "Paid In" and "Paid Out" amounts to account for petty cash expenses. 

End Drawer

To close out a cash drawer, click "End Drawer." You can enter the exact amount left in the drawer, or use the Lovingly Cash Counter Tool to add up your totals. Select the name of the employee closing the drawer and click "End Drawer" to finish.

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