Use the Delivery Confirmation Assistant

Our Delivery Confirmation Assistant helps you quickly and easily confirm your deliveries.

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To mark multiple orders delivered, navigate to your Orders list and click “Mark Orders Delivered.” 

You’ll see the Delivery Confirmation Assistant pop-up display all orders from the last two weeks that have not yet been marked delivered. 

If you do not yet want to send a delivery confirmation for an order in the list, just un-check the box in the “Mark Delivered” column. 

Click “Mark Delivered & Get Reviews” to mark those ordered delivered. This also automatically generates a delivery confirmation email that’s sent to your customer, letting them know their order has been successfully hand-delivered and giving them an opportunity to leave you a Lovingly Storefront Review

The Delivery Confirmation Assistant will also pop up and automatically remind you to mark your orders delivered one hour before your shop’s closing time each day, making it easier for you to confirm your deliveries and get those valuable reviews. 

Marking your orders delivered is a best practice that gives your customers peace of mind, so they know their gift has been received. The Delivery Confirmation Assistant helps you maintain happy, repeat customers with just a few clicks each day!

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