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Lovingly Reputation Management lets you easily respond to your new reviews.

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Reading, Sorting, and Filtering Reviews

When you have a new review, you’ll see a red dot appear on the Reputation Management icon in your Lovingly Account.  Click on the star icon to see your new review(s). You’ll notice that all unread reviews will show up in bold text, until you have clicked the review. 

By default, your newest reviews will appear at the top, but you can use the “Sort By” drop-down to sort by oldest reviews, highest-rated to lowest reviews, or lowest to highest. 

You can also filter your reviews, so you can focus in on a certain type of review. This is helpful for recognizing patterns among positive and negative reviews (i.e. a common themes where your customers are happy or disappointed). The filter is multi-select, which means you can also select a combination of reviews.  For example, if you want to focus on replying to customers who are dissatisfied for some reason, you can select only your 1 and 2 star reviews using the filter tool.

Replying to Reviews

Replying to reviews is easy within the Reputation Management tool. You’ll notice the pink “Reply” button when you hover over any of the reviews or if you click on a review.

Clicking on a review brings up the order details in the right-hand panel, so you can review any details that might aid in your response.

To send an email response, click the pink “Reply” button. This will open your default mail client. Lovingly has created three email templates that can help accelerate your review response.

These templates save you time by including your customer’s name, your shop name, and a subject line that matches the sentiment of the star rating. (In the example below, "Select Flowers" would be replaced by your shop name.)

Positive (4 & 5 stars)

Thanks! Your 4 star review means a lot to Select Flowers

Moderate (3 star)

Your 3 star review for Select Flowers

Negative (1 & 2 star)

We want to make it right - Your 2 star review

For each response template, the actual review copy is also included in case you want to keep that in your response.

You should always write a tailored, unique response for your customer, helping drive loyalty, whether they are happy or upset. Every review is an opportunity to help show your brand and increase customer loyalty!

Reputation Dashboard

Your reputation matters! Lovingly has provided a quick way for you to stay on top of the pulse of what people are saying. When you land on the Reputation Management page, the right-hand panel has all of your stats at a quick glance.

Average rating

This is your total combined rating over all time across all of your Lovingly reviews. This is the main number that gives you a quick sense of where you stand on a scale from 1 to 5.

Star Breakdown

In the star breakdown section, you can get a better sense of overall numbers and distributions of your ratings. A count is provided for each star rating. If you hover over any of the star ratings, you'll see the percentage of that star rating.

Review Feedback Breakdown

Finally, the review feedback section gives you a quick stat breakdown of the sentiment of your reviews. Four and five star reviews are grouped together as “positive,” 3 is “moderate,” and one and two stars are “negative.” This quick glance gives a distribution of the intent and sentiment of the reviews. Note: These categories are how the email templates are broken down as well.

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