To change your tax rate, go to your Settings section and click Taxes. If you have PIN protection enabled, you’ll need to enter your PIN to access this section. 

You’ll see the state that your shop is located in, and the tax rate you’re currently charging for that state. 

To change the tax rate, click on the current number, enter the new number, and then click “SAVE” at the bottom of the page. 

By default, taxes will also be charged on any delivery fees you may have configured. To remove taxes from delivery fees, just uncheck the “Apply to Delivery Fee” options. 

You are responsible for keeping your tax rates accurate, so be sure to update this information any time your tax rates change. 

To charge taxes for additional states that your shop is registered in, click “Add State,” then select the state you’d like add to from the drop-down menu. 

To remove a state, click the gray minus icon to the left of the state name. Please note that you cannot remove the state that your shop is located in.

After any change your make, be sure to click “SAVE” or your changes will be lost. 

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