Close your Lovingly Store for the day

For emergencies, easily toggle your store to “Closed” from your Lovingly Account.

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From employee absences to family emergencies, you never know when you may need to close up shop. You can easily set your Lovingly Store as closed for the remainder of the day from the Hours & Closures section of your Lovingly Account. 

To get started:

  1. Click on your account icon in the lower left corner of the page

  2. Navigate to Settings & Preferences

At the top of the Hours & Closures page, click on the Temporary Hours tab. You’ll see an option to toggle your Lovingly Store to closed for the rest of the day. Just click the gray toggle to close your shop.

The pink toggle indicates that you have enabled your emergency closure settings, and your shop is not accepting any same-day orders for the rest of the day. Your normal store hours will resume the next day.

If you need to close for multiple days in a row, click Add Date. From here, you can select the dates you'd like to close your shop.

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