Get started with Delivery Routing

Easily create efficient, Google-optimized routes for your deliveries.

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To get started, click the Delivery Routing truck icon in your Lovingly Account menu. You'll see a list of your unscheduled deliveries for today. 

You can filter the list to show another date's deliveries by clicking the icon next to where it says "Today." From here, you can select “Tomorrow” or “Custom” to choose another date from the calendar, then click “Apply Filter.” 

You can also view your orders by city or ZIP/Postal Code by clicking the options at the top right. These views automatically sort your orders by location. Click the arrow on the right side of each row to view the details for the orders in that location. 

To select all of the orders going to one location, click the box next to the city name.

As you select orders from your list, you’ll see each location appear on the map on the right-hand panel. Once you’re ready to optimize and create a route, click “Add New Route.” 

On the next screen, you’ll see your optimized route. To remove an order from the route, click the three dots on the right side of the row and then click “Remove from Route” to move the order back to your unscheduled deliveries. 

To change the order of your deliveries, for example if you have a certain timeframe for one delivery, click and hold the two horizontal lines toward the left of the order and drag it into the position you’d prefer. The map will automatically refresh and reoptimize. 

You can also name each route to stay organized. For example, “John’s AM Deliveries.” 

When you’re happy with your route, click “Save Route.” 

Once your route is saved, you’ll see it in the “Scheduled” list on the right-hand side of the page. Click the three dots next to the route name to see several options: You can send the directions to your driver, print a route sheet, edit the route, or delete the route. 

“Edit Route” lets you make changes to your route, and “Delete Route” will remove the route and put all deliveries on that route back into your Unscheduled Deliveries. 

To send the directions to your driver, you’ll be prompted to enter a cell phone number. Please note that up to 8 stops can be sent to a cell phone, and any stops after 8 will not be included in the texted route. 

The printed route sheet include the delivery address and an image of the product and add-ons for each location, plus an area for delivery confirmation signatures. 

Once the orders are out for delivery, you can click the two horizontal lines, hold, and drag the route to “Out for Delivery,” which marks the orders as In Transit in your Lovingly order management system. 

Once the route has been completed, click, hold, and drag the route to “Completed.” You’ll see a pop-up window listing each order in that route. 

If you were unable to complete the delivery for any orders uncheck the box next to the recipient name. 

Then click “Move to Completed” to finish the route. Any unchecked (undelivered) orders will be moved back to your Unscheduled Deliveries list. 

Completed orders will be marked as “Completed” and delivery confirmation emails will be automatically sent to those customers. 

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