Create a new House Account

Easily create a new house account in your Lovingly POS.

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There are two easy ways to create a new House Account.

From the New Order entry screen, when you click into the “Customer Name” field, you’ll see your contacts panel open on the right. At the top of the panel, click “Create New Contact.” Select the type of contact—Person, Business, or Florist. 

Now, you can set the new contact as a house account by toggling ON the House Account option at the top of the contact form. 

If you have PIN protection enabled, you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN.

Add your customer info, click “Save,” and then you’re all set! 

You can also add a new house account from your Contacts section. 

Click on the Marketing icon and then click Contacts. On the left, you’ll see all of your Lovingly Account contacts. 

On the right, you can add a new House Account contact just by toggling ON the house account option and entering the customer details.

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