Apply a payment to a House Account

How to apply payments to your House Account orders.

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To apply a payment to a House Account, head to your Reports section and click House Accounts.

You’ll see all of your accounts on the left, and the accounts that have a balance in the main panel. Click the account name to open up the account details. Then click the green button on the top right that says “Collect Payment.”

This brings you to the Payment page. In the top section, you can enter the payment that you’ve received. Choose Cash or Check from the drop down menu, add payment notes if you’d like to, and enter the total amount that you received. 

Next, allocate money from the Unallocated Balance to specific open orders. If the account is paying their balance in full, you can enter the exact amount for each order. 

Click “Process Payment” at the bottom of the screen to process and record the payment. Select the name of the employee accepting the payment. If paying by cash, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount tendered, and if paying by check, you’ll be prompted to enter the check number. 

Click “Process Payment” to submit the payment. On the last screen, you’ll see the amount of change due, if any, as well as options to print or email a receipt. 

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