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Your About Us page on your Lovingly Shop is the perfect place to show off what makes your business unique. Along with helping you stand out from the crowd, real, personalized content increases trust in your business! 

You can easily update your About Us page content at any time from within your Lovingly Account. 

First, access your About Us settings by clicking the Shop Customizations icon (the bottom-most icon on the left hand panel), then select About Us from the Website Branding menu. 

In the first section, Who We Are, add a description of what makes your shop amazing! This is a great place to talk about yourself and your shop employees, the shop history, and any special services you offer. 

Next, you can upload images of awards you've won or shop affiliations, like the Chamber of Commerce. Save the images you'd like to use to your computer first, then click the square with the plus sign to add a new image to your About Us page. 

Once you've added multiple images, you can drag and drop to rearrange them. To remove an image, hover over the image with your mouse and then click the pink Trash icon. To edit the title of your image, click the pink pencil. 

Along with awards, you can upload up to 20 photos into a gallery. Be sure to use real photos of your shop and staff—stock images or Wire Service images won't serve you well here. 

Again, you can drag and drop your photos to reorder them, or hover over the image and click the pink Trash icon to remove it.

In the last section, you can add links to other services you offer or partnerships you have. In the Link Name field, type the text that you'd like to appear on your website for this link (for example, "Amy's Flowers Wedding Gallery" or "Jane's Limo Service"), and then type or paste the exact, entire URL (website address) in the Link field. 

When you're happy with your page, click Save, and your updates will be immediately live on your About Us page!

If you'd like to exclude one of these sections from your page, just leave it blank. You're free to include as much or as little information as you'd like—this is your place to show your personality and have fun!

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