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NEW! One-touch payments on your Lovingly Shop with Apple Pay.

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Now available: One-touch payment with Apple Pay on your Lovingly Shop!

Apple Pay is a game-changer for mobile purchases. For shoppers, even just seeing the Apple Pay icon as an option on your website makes them feel more confident in making a purchase from you! 

That means higher conversion rates and more orders, especially with mobile shoppers—and with the number of mobile shoppers increasing every year, that makes a big difference for your bottom line.

Who can use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is available as a payment option your Lovingly Shop online checkout for any customer that:
• Is using an Apple device
• Has Apple Pay configured on the device, and
• Is using Safari as their webs browser. 

With millions of Apple and Apple Pay users worldwide, this is a huge time-saver and convenience for your shoppers.

How are Apple Pay orders processed? 

Apple Pay is completely integrated with the payment processor already configured for your Lovingly Shop, so you're all set! There's nothing special you need to do to get set up or to process Apple Pay orders. 

When you get an order paid through Apple Pay, you'll see "Apple Pay" and the last four digits of the customer's credit card indicated in the order details. 

Your normal 2-business-day rolling payments apply to Apple Pay orders as well. To refund an Apple Pay order, just follow the normal refund process

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