Gift Now, Deliver Later

Gifters order now, you deliver later!

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Want to keep orders coming in even if you can’t fulfill them right now? Gift Now, Deliver Later makes it possible!

Here’s a quick overview:

  1. You set some or all of your products as Gift Now, Deliver Later.

  2. When a Gifter purchases a product marked as “Gift Now, Deliver Later,” their recipient instantly receives a surprise email letting them know about their gift.

  3. You reach out to the recipient to schedule delivery as soon as you’re able to fulfill the order.

Please note: We tell Gifters that Gift Now, Deliver Later orders are usually fulfilled within two weeks.


Now let’s get into the details.

Splash Images

Once you've set either some or all of your inventory as Gift Now, Deliver Later, you can create a custom splash image schedule. These splash images help quickly explain the service to Gifters.

Product Pages

For any product set as Gift Now, Deliver Later, an icon will appear next to the product image as well as a callout that the product is “Available as Gift Now, Deliver Later.” The calendar to specify a delivery date will no longer be available.

When the online GIfter clicks the "How does this work?" link on the product page, they see this pop-up window explanation:

During & After Checkout

During checkout, we’ll ask the Gifter for the recipient's address, cell phone number, and email address. They’ll also see a message reminding them that your shop will schedule delivery as soon as you’re able to fulfill the order.

Once the order is placed, the recipient will instantly receive a beautifully designed email that includes the customer's card message and a picture of their floral gift that they’ll receive later. The email also lets them know your shop will contact them directly to schedule delivery.

In your Lovingly Account, you'll see Gift Now, Deliver Later orders as Unscheduled in the delivery date column. That means the ball is in your court to schedule and complete delivery for that order as soon as possible.

Gift Now, Deliver Later from Lovingly – another way to stay open online, keep orders coming in, and keep your business thriving.

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