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Make a great impression by easily sending your customers order photos, updates, and more!

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Offering real-time updates to your customers is a huge factor for success. We’ve made it easy with Flower Tracker, now available in your Lovingly Account!

Flower Tracker includes a series of automated emails designed to increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases:

Artist Spotlight Email

This is all about you! Build loyalty by helping customers get to know you better. Tell them about what makes your business unique and what drives your passion for flowers.

In-Transit Email

Once your creation has been designed, you’ll simply take a photo of the finished arrangement and upload it. That’s it! This is your chance to showcase your beautiful design.

Delivery Email

Just like the in-transit email, all you need to do is take a photo of the delivered arrangement and upload it. The end result: a wonderful gifting experience for your customers.

In Design Email: Artist Spotlight

Why should I update my Artist Spotlight?

Building a personal connection makes customers 76% more likely to purchase from you over a competitor. With Artist Spotlight, you can do just that—online!

How will my customers see my Artist Spotlight?

Your Artist Spotlight will be sent directly to your customers as a feature in our new automated Flower Tracker emails. Each In-Design email will feature your custom Artist Spotlight. All you need to do is mark your orders In-Design when you start working on them!

How do I update my Artist Spotlight?

You can complete your Artist Spotlight here!

In-Transit Email: Completed Floral Design

Why should I send a photo of the completed floral design?

Even with the best intentions, sometimes recipients don't send gifters the most flattering arrangement photos. This is your opportunity to show off your work to your customer, so you know it has its best foot (or flower!) forward.

How do I send an In Transit photo?

There are two ways to add In-Transit photos:

QR Code:

  • Scan the QR code located on the top right of your order notification slip labeled QR Code #1, then follow the prompts to add a photo.

Lovingly Account:

  • Head into your Order List view and click on the camera icon (found next to the customer’s name) for the order you'd like to add a photo to. Enter your cell phone number to get a text with a custom link for that order, then follow the prompts to add a photo.

Delivery Email: Proof of Delivery

Why should I send a photo to confirm that the order was delivered?

Over the past year, more and more businesses (think Amazon and DoorDash) have been using photos to confirm deliveries — and for florists, this is even more important because your customer usually isn't the one receiving the delivery. Confirming delivery, with a photo of the delivery itself, reassures your customer that their gift was received on time (and can help protect you against complaints and chargebacks).

How do I send a delivery confirmation photo?

You can add a delivery confirmation photo by scanning the delivery QR code on your Order Notification, SuperTicket, or delivery route sheet.

QR Code:

  • Just like with In-Transit photos, scan the QR code and follow the prompts to snap a photo of the delivered arrangement and mark the order as delivered.

Once your photos are uploaded and the order has been marked as either In-Transit or Delivered, an email will automatically be sent to the sender letting them know the status of their order and showing off your beautiful design!

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