How to Use Florist's Choice PLUS

Temporarily limit your online selection guide to the Florist’s Choice product plus up to eight more that you pick.

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Busy holiday? Low on inventory? Florist's Choice PLUS is made for you!

What you can do with Florist’s Choice PLUS:

  • Temporarily limit your online selection guide to the Florist’s Choice product plus up to eight more that you pick.

  • Activate your temporary selection guide for up to 6 days for major holidays, and up to 7 days for non-holiday emergencies.

  • Keep your online store open even when you have limited staff, time, and/or inventory.

In addition to Florist’s Choice PLUS, you also still have the option to temporarily activate a Florist’s Choice ONLY landing page (previously called “Lovingly Exclusive”).

How to Use Florist's Choice PLUS

First, go to your Lovingly Account. Click on the Shop Customizations icon on the lower left of the menu, then click Florist’s Choice PLUS.

Click the pink pencil on the right of the theme you're using to configure or edit Florist’s Choice PLUS.

In the top section of the page, select the day or date range you’d like Florist’s Choice PLUS to be active. Next, choose the behavior (Promoted allows gifters to also purchase from the full website, while Exclusive only allows purchase of the Florist’s Choice PLUS products), and make the status “Enabled” if you’d like it to automatically activate on the date you selected.

Now, add products to Florist Choice PLUS. There must be a minimum of 3 total products to save the schedule, and a maximum of 9. A relevant florist's choice bouquet will always be located in spot #1 and cannot be removed or rearranged. As a best-selling product, it’s important that this be the most visible option for gifters.

You can use filters to view a smaller set of products, search by name or SKU, or simply browse all enabled products.

Click on the products you’d like to add, then click Add Selected at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see your products appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Drag and drop to rearrange the products (just like Homepage Management).

Once you’ve added products to Florist’s Choice PLUS, you can also add tags such as Best Value, Most Popular, and Seasonal Favorite. To have the greatest CRO impact, each of these tags can only be used once.

Products can also be marked Sold Out, which is new functionality just for Florist’s Choice PLUS. By selecting “Disable & Mark Sold Out,” the product will be disabled in your Lovingly Account, but it will still display on your Florist’s Choice PLUS page with a Sold Out banner. This is an important signal to send to the gifter — items are selling out, so order now!

Once at least two products have been added to the schedule (for a total of three, including the mandatory Florist’s Choice product), the Save button will activate and the schedule can be saved.

As with Florist’s Choice ONLY, Florist’s Choice PLUS can be configured ahead of time, but will not block regular orders from being placed in advance. Florist’s Choice PLUS will only activate on the scheduled days you selected.

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