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Understanding Your Detailed Sales Report FAQs
Understanding Your Detailed Sales Report FAQs
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Why doesn’t my monthly Statement match my Sales Report?

Your Statement doesn’t include a complete breakdown of orders, which is why It's common for there to be differences between your Statement and your Sales Report. Please review your Detailed Sales Report for an accurate comparison.

What are the services noted on the Detailed Sales Report?

Service Fee: A one-time fee of $9.99 is only charged to Gifters the first time they place an order with you and helps drive ongoing floral technology innovations and improvements.

Credit Card Services: A fee paid to your Credit Card Processor for processing a credit card transaction. The typical rate is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for domestic orders, and 3.9% + 30 cents for cross-border transactions. This fee is based on the Gross Total located in the Total column of your Detailed Sales Report.

Lovingly Services: The fee Lovingly collects based on your contracted service rate.

What is Lovingly Marketplace?

It’s a florist-direct online marketplace that helps you compete with Order Gatherers and helps shoppers buy directly from local florists.

How is my Credit Card Services fee calculated?

The credit card fees due on an individual order are 2.9% of the Gross Total + 0.30

How is my Lovingly Services fee calculated?

The Lovingly Service Fee on an individual order is calculated by subtracting the Standard Service Fee with Tax and the Non-Taxable Subtotal from the Gross Total, then multiplying that figure by your service rate (e.g., 17%).

How is my Marketplace Service Rate fee calculated?

The 10% Marketplace Service Rate fee on an individual order is a fixed 10% rate of the Gross Total minus the Standard Service Fee with Tax and the Non Taxable Subtotal. The Credit Card Fee & the Lovingly Services Fee combined add up to the 10% Marketplace Service Rate fee.

How is my Service Fee tax calculated? (Canada only)

Digital products and electronic services (including the Software as a Service (Saas) services Lovingly provides) are taxed in Canada and are subject to PST, GST, or HST. We are required by law to collect sales taxes on our Lovingly Service fees.

The amount of tax applied to the $9.99 Standard Service Fee is calculated by multiplying the $9.99 Standard Service Fee by the appropriate tax rate in your location.

What taxes am I responsible for remitting and what taxes does Lovingly collect?

For Partners in the United States:

  • Lovingly collects and remits all taxes related to Marketplace orders

  • Shop owners are responsible for paying all taxes related to Shop orders

For Partners in Canada:

  • Lovingly collects and remits the Service Fee Tax and Service Tax for both Shop and Marketplace orders

  • You are responsible for paying the Tax due on the Taxable Subtotal and the Delivery Fee Tax for both Shop and Marketplace orders

How does Lovingly calculate the breakdown of each order?

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