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How It Supercharges Your Google Business Profile

The My Marketing Hub section of your Lovingly Account makes it quick and easy to keep your Google Business Profile (GBP) up to date. Pssst.... When you activate your GBP in the My Marketing Hub section, YOU retain your Google Business Profile rights. We won’t even see your login credentials. Plus, there's NO COST to you.

What you can do with My Marketing Hub:

  1. Auto sync your GBP info

    As you update your shop hours, name, address, and phone number in Lovingly Account, these details will automatically update on your GBP.

  2. Manage your GBP reviews AND Q&A

    Instantly read and reply to your Google reviews AND reply to questions posted on your GBP directly from your Lovingly Account.

    NEW! Lovingly Reply, a powerful AI-driven feature that automatically generates tailored replies to your all of Google reviews for you. It can even automatically post them for you! AI is everywhere and Lovingly has harnessed the power to your advantage. As long as you've your GBP integrated in your Lovingly account like most Lovingly partner florists have, you have access to this tool. See it in action!

    Another big advantage? This will help boost your online sales, too.

    How? Google favors content that's current and complete, so, once you activate your GBP via My Marketing Hub in your Lovingly account, we handle this for you, automagically optimizing your GBP, so Google ranks your shop higher in search results.

    Lovingly continually adds new automatically updated content to your GBP to save you time and to make it easier for online gifters to find your shop. Here's some of the latest GBP content additions and enhancements:

  • LOGO: Your brand identity

  • POST: Promoting Florist’s Choice or upcoming holiday products

  • EST: The date your business was established

  • PRODUCT PHOTOS: Best-selling product images, based on your selection guide

  • SERVICE OPTIONS: Same-day delivery, pick up, payments methods, and more

  • MORE GORGEOUS PHOTOS: Upload new pix to the About Us section of your site and they’ll also appear on your GBP automagically!

    Google Business Profile automations and optimizations...just another thing that makes Lovingly more than just a website provider. By supercharging your GBP, you're supercharging your ecommerce success!


How do I get started?

Just follow these steps:

  1. From your Lovingly Account, click the Marketing Icon along the left side of the screen

  2. Navigate to Google Business Profile under the My Marketing Hub section

  3. Click the pink ACTIVATE button at the top of the page

  4. Click the button that says “Log in to Google Business Profile”

  5. Follow the prompts

How much does My Marketing Hub cost?

My Marketing Hub and Google Business Profile automations are included at no additional cost to Partners. The Lovingly Reply AI feature is a Lovingly PRO-exclusive but all partners that have integrated their GBP in their Lovingly Account have trial access for the first 20 review replies. To ensure you're a Lovingly PRO partner, just email, call 800-533-3787, or chat via your Lovingly Account.

I don’t have a Google Business Profile. Can you help me create one?

Absolutely! Email us at
Learn more about Google Business Profiles and why it's important

Is Lovingly going to take the rights to my Google Business Profile?

No, you retain 100% of your rights. There's no transfer of credentials and we'll never duplicate your Google Business Profile.

Will Lovingly be able to see my Google Business Profile username and password?

No, Lovingly will not see your Google Business Profile username or password. Google uses the secure OAuth protocol to log you in and only shares tokens with Lovingly.

Do I have to authorize Lovingly Account to access my Google Business Profile every time I sign in to Lovingly Account?

Nope! You’ll only need to do this once.

When I make changes to my Google Business Profile through Lovingly Account, how long will it take to show up on Google?

Changes are immediate in most cases.

Will Lovingly help keep my Google Business Profile up to date?

Yes! We’ll make sure key information about your business listing on Google is always synced with the info in your Lovingly Account. We’ll sync the following: shop hours, name, address, and phone number, and more. Keeping your GBP current and complete will help potential customers find you online.

How does My Marketing Hub help bring more customers to my shop?

Keeping your business information updated on Google is critical for getting new online business. Equally important is engaging with your listing by replying to customer reviews. These activities will drive new customers to your shop and boost your sales.

How can I use My Marketing Hub to manage reviews?

Within My Marketing Hub, you can instantly see new Google reviews and reply to them. Since potential customers pay close attention to reviews, we highly recommend responding to all reviews. Plus, increased engagement with your listing will help drive more Gifters to your site. And responding will be so much easier now that you can do it all from your Lovingly Account. Plus, the Lovingly Reply feature drafts tailored responses to all of your reviews. You can even opt to automatically publish them.

Why do I see “Lovingly US Partners” or “Lovingly CA Partners” as a user in my Google Business Profile?

Once you log in to your Google Business Profile from your Lovingly Account, a new user will appear under your Google Business Profile on Google. This is the username under which Lovingly is now managing your Google Business listing on your behalf from your Lovingly Account. Under this username, our marketing team will continue to optimize your Google Business Profile listing and drive more customers to your shop.

What if my shop is showing as unverified?

You must verify your shop with Google before you can log in to your Google Business Profile from your Lovingly Account. This is required to take advantage of the automatic syncs and the AI_driven Lovingly Reply feature. Google has step-by-step instructions for how to do this here.

What if I decide I no longer want my Google Business Profile linked to my Lovingly Account?

Just give us a call and we’ll help you through the process.

Questions? Contact us at 800-533-1787 or

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