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What’s Lovingly Reply?

It’s a new feature in Lovingly Account that makes responding to your Google Reviews a cinch. Imagine having someone else to prepare perfect, personalized responses to every one of your Google reviews. That’s Lovingly Reply! Powered by AI, Lovingly Reply will save you time, money, and improve your brand reputation. How?

Lovingly Reply Saves Time

You could spend hours reading your Google Reviews, writing personalized replies, and posting them OR you could rely on Lovingly Reply to handle it for you.

Lovingly Reply Saves Money

This feature is like having a dedicated marketing professional on your staff. Only you don’t have to put Lovingly Reply on your payroll!

Lovingly Reply Improves Your Brand Reputation…and your search rankings!

When you reply to reviews, you post publicly as your business. Replying can help improve your company's reputation, bring in new customers, and build customer loyalty.

As long as you've integrated your Google Business Profile (GBP) though My Marketing Hub in your Lovingly Account (Marketing>My Marketing Hub>Google Business Profile), you’ll find Lovingly Reply here.

Here's a peek:


Q: When will the Lovingly Reply feature be available?

A: Now! As long as you've integrated your Google Business Profile (GBP) though My Marketing Hub in your Lovingly Account (Marketing>My Marketing Hub>Google Business Profile), you’ll find Lovingly Reply here.

Q: I don't see Lovingly Reply in my Lovingly Account. Why?


1. Your shop must have your Google Business Profile (GPB) integrated in your Lovingly Account to take advantage of all the GBP benefits in My Marketing Hub, including Lovingly Reply.

2. Lovingly Reply will be exclusively for Lovingly PRO* shops but, initially, every Lovingly partner shop that has their GBP integrated in their Lovingly Account will have access on a trial basis.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Lovingly Reply trial?

A: Of course! As long as your shop has integrated your GBP in your Lovingly Account, you’ll have access to Lovingly Reply. During this trial, you’ll get 20 automatic review replies. After Lovingly Reply has generated 20 responses for your shop’s Google Reviews, you'll need to be a Lovingly PRO level shop to retain this feature.

If you're not a PRO partner yet, you'll see a counter within Lovingly Reply indicating how many responses you have left. Just contact us to upgrade your account.

Q: I’ve integrated my GBP into my Lovingly Account but I’m not a PRO level shop. Will I still have all the other GBP benefits?

A: Absolutely! Don’t worry, you’ll still have all the other GBP automations like syncing your shop hours, name, address, and phone number with what’s in your Lovingly Account, so you only have make updates in one place. Full details

Q: I heard that replying to reviews can also help search rankings. Is that true?

A: Yes! Consistently replying to reviews helps Google see you as a trusted source. And Lovingly Reply makes it so easy!

Q: Will Lovingly Reply automatically post replies on my Google Business Profile, too?

A: That’s up to you! You'll have the option to automatically publish responses to all review types (positive, neutral, negative), automating only certain review types, or keeping Lovingly Reply on the the default setting (pictured below), which gives you the option of approving and even editing replies before you manually "Post Response" to your GBP.
It’s easier to edit than to create so this alone will save you time! Plus, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that each reply draft follows best practices for each review type.

Regardless of whether you set your review replies to automatically post to your GBP or not, Lovingly Reply will generate appropriate and personal reply drafts for every one of your Google reviews. You'll have the option of changing the Lovingly Auto-Reply settings at any time.

Q: What are review reply best practices?

A: Replying to all of your Google reviews shows that you take customer feedback seriously. That’s why we’ve carefully engineered Lovingly Reply AI responses to be tailored to each individual review and to adhere to best practices like:

Personal: Address reviewer by their first name

Succinct: Keep replies brief

Tone: Friendly, empathetic, persuasive, and appreciative

Blank Reviews: Yes, Lovingly Reply will even drafts replies to reviews submitted with no comment. These should always convey appreciation for the feedback, regardless of how positive or negative.

Sentiments / Style: Acknowledge reviewer’s experience without self-promotion

  • Positive review replies should focus on the reviewer's positive experience in a warm and personalized way.

  • Neutral review replies should express a desire to deliver a better experience next time.

  • Negative review replies should express sympathy and understanding without placing blame, include your shop phone number for further discussion, and show a commitment to improve.

Q: WIll this just be for Google reviews?
A: To start, Lovingly Reply will only be available for your GBP reviews, yes. It's quite possible, however, that we'll extend this to Lovingly reviews in the future. With Lovingly and AI, anything's possible!

Need assistance integrating your GBP in your Lovingly Account or upgrading your account to Lovingly PRO? We're happy to help! Email help@lovingly.com, call 1-800-533-3787, or chat via your Lovingly Account.

*Lovingly PRO florist partners help cover the ongoing hard costs associated with features like Lovingly Reply with a one-time-only online service fee at checkout that applies to online customers the first time they make a purchase on a shop site. Consumers who make online purchases today understand that fees come with the convenience of online shopping and appreciate it being waived as a loyalty reward for subsequent purchases.
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