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Add a custom product

Custom products are a great way to show off your shop’s unique style.

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Click the flower icon to access your Products, then click “Add New Product.”

First, you can choose a few general product settings. 

Enable Product: Toggle this “On” (pink) to have your product appear for sale on your website.
Gift Addon: Toggle this “On” (pink) if your product should be shown as an add-on during the checkout - typically, this would be a balloon, chocolates, stuffed animal, or other small item.
Funeral Only: Toggle this “On” (pink) if your product is only for funerals - for example, a standing spray or casket spray. Toggling this “On” prevents add-ons such as “Happy Birthday” balloons from being shown with this product.
Next, add product information and pricing.

Product SKU: The SKU is used for your own record-keeping and reference. Try using a standard series of letters, such as the initials of your shop, followed by a number to create a unique but recognizable SKU.
Product Name: Give your product a brief but descriptive name that will appeal to your customers. Product names must be unique, so be sure not to re-use existing product names.
Standard Price: Enter the price for the standard version of your product.
Standard Image: Click the pink arrow next to “Standard Image” to select the standard image for your product. Be sure to have all your images saved on your computer before you begin.
Width and Height: Enter the dimensions of the arrangement (these fields are optional but recommended).
Repeat the price, image, and dimensions steps for “Deluxe” and “Premium” as desired. Including upgrade options is not required, but is recommended.
Now, add your product to some categories. 

Your product will automatically be added to “Our Custom Designs.” Click to the right of “Our Custom Designs” to access a drop-down list of other available categories, and select the categories that you’d like your product to appear in. We recommend adding each product to about five categories.
To remove the product from a category, click the small “x” to the right of the category name.
Description: Add a description of your product for customers to read. Try to include a few relevant keywords, such as the types and colors of the flowers included, and a few occasions that the arrangement could be sent for.
Care Instructions: If you choose to enter Care Instructions for your product, they will print on recipient’s section of the Superticket when your product is purchased.
Lastly, add a recipe and save your product.

Standard Recipe: You can enter the quantity, flower type, size (if applicable) and color for each element in your recipe. The “Item” field uses predictive typing, so just begin to type the flower type, and relevant options will appear below. Click on the item you need to auto-fill that field.
Click “Add Another Item” to add a second element to your recipe.
Use the Size, Vessel, Shape, Color, and Material fields to enter information about the vase used for your product.
Note, the recipe will be available only to your designers - it will not be visible to your customers. Adding a recipe isn’t required, but is recommended.
You’re almost done!
Be sure to check your work before saving your product. Check for spelling and grammatical errors and be sure your pricing, images, and all other details are correct. 

Once you’ve double-checked your work, check the box to certify that you own or have permission to use the image you have uploaded, and then click “Save.” You’re all set!

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