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Change order status or mark as “Delivered”
Change order status or mark as “Delivered”

You can update one or multiple orders from your Orders list.

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Navigate to your Orders list by clicking the Orders icon - it looks like three horizontal bars.
To update a single order:
Click on the order you’d like to change. 

In the Lovingly Assistant panel order details, click the “Options” icon, which looks like three stacked dots, then hover over “Change Stage” to see your options.
To Do: The order still needs attention.
In Design: The order is currently being worked on.
In Transit/Ready for Pickup: The order has been filled and is out for delivery, or ready to be picked up.
Delivered: The order has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
Email updates will be sent to your customer each time you change the order stage. Once an order has been marked as “Delivered,” a confirmation email will be sent to your customer to let them know that delivery is complete. This email also includes a link for your customer to leave a review.

To update multiple orders:
Click the checkboxes next to the orders you’d like to change the status of. 

Once orders are selected, you’ll see a “Change Stage” option at the top of the list. Click “Change Stage,” and then choose To Do, In Design, In Transit, or Delivered to update the status of ALL checkmarked orders at once. 

You can also change the status of an order using your Daily Workflow.

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