Daily Workflow

The Daily Workflow lets you seamlessly change each order status from To Do, to In Design, to Delivered.

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Click on the Daily Workflow icon (it looks like three vertical bars) to access your workflow. 

You’ll see four columns: To Do, In Design, In Transit/Ready, and Delivered. The default view will display orders that have been placed for pickup or delivery today

View orders for tomorrow by clicking the three dots above “Delivered,” and selecting “Tomorrow.”
Change the status of an order by clicking and dragging it to another column. 

You’ll see an overview of your day in the Lovingly Assistant panel, including a summary of order statuses and high priority (business or funeral) order status.
Click on any order in your Workflow to view the order details in the right-hand panel. Click the “x” next to the recipient’s name to close the order details and return to the daily overview. 

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