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Close your Lovingly Store for the holidays

Set your store as closed for major holidays.

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To close your store for holidays, navigate to Settings and select Hours & Closures. Next, click the Holiday Hours tab.  

  1. Click the checkboxes next to each holiday to change your Delivery, Pick Up, and Walk-In status for each holiday.

  2. Set your operating hours and change the cut-off times for same-day delivery or pickup.

  3. Click SAVE to save your changes.

Once each holiday passes, it'll be moved to the bottom of the list with next years date and your standard hours for that day, so be sure to check your holiday closures in advance.

Temporary Hours

If you’d like to temporarily close your shop for non-holidays, please use the Temporary Hours tab. Here’s how.

Standard Hours

If you’d like to make permanent changes to your store hours, please use the Standard Hours tab. Here's how.

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