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How to Set Temporary Shop Hours
How to Set Temporary Shop Hours

It's quick and easy to set temporary shop hours via Lovingly Account.

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It’s never been easier to set temporary shop hours. Whether you need to temporarily adjust your hours for multiple dates or just one, here’s how to do it.

To get started:

  1. Log in to Lovingly Account

  2. Click the Profile Icon in the lower left corner

  3. Select Settings & Preferences

  4. Navigate to the Temporary Hours tab

PRO TIP: Double-check that you’re making changes on the Temporary Hours tab. Your Standard Hours settings shouldn’t be adjusted for temporary closures or changes.

To set your temporary store hours, first select the date(s) you want adjusted.

Once a date is selected, you can:

  • Set your shop as opened or closed

  • Add operating hours

  • Set cut-off times for delivery and pick-up

Please note: You can close your shop for up to six weeks via Lovingly Account. Need to close for longer? Please contact us at 800-533-1787.

After you’ve added all the details, click Save. You're all set! The changes will appear on your site within the next 15 minutes.

Don’t see the date(s) you just tried to add? They may have been combined with another date range you previously set. For example, let’s say you previously added April 21–22. If you go back later to add April 23–24, the new date range will appear in one row as April 21–24.

Need to adjust the temporary hours you added? No problem! You can edit all the fields except the date. If you’d like to change the date, simply click the trash icon next to the row you want to delete. Then click Add Date to start a new schedule.

Need to close your shop for today only? Set the toggle near the top of the page to SHOP CLOSED. Your normal shop hours will automatically resume tomorrow.

Holiday Hours

If you’d like to close your shop for a specific holiday only, please use the Holiday Hours tab. Here's how.

Standard Hours

If you’d like to make permanent changes to your store hours, please use the Standard Hours tab. Here's how.

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