Easily access reports for Sales, Transfers, Statements, and more.

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Your Lovingly Account includes a Reporting section that lets you easily see information on sales, transfers, and statements. To access your Reports, click the Reports icon (it looks like an arrow) and then select a type: Sales Reports, Drawer Reports, Transfers, Statements, or Recent Activity.
Sales Reports: Includes all transactions processed via your Lovingly Store and POS. The default view will show you sales from “Today,” and you can adjust the timeframe by clicking the filter icon (circled in yellow, below). 

Drawer Reports: If you’re using the “Cash” feature of the Lovingly POS, the Drawer Reports section will show you a history of cash paid in and paid out of your register. 

Transfers: Shows all transfers made to your bank account. Click on a month in the left-hand column to see transfer details, including the total amount paid to you (“Payout Total”), the gross amount charged to your customers (“Charges”), and the amount deducted for Lovingly Services. 

Statements: Monthly summaries of orders and services. A new statement is available on the 1st of each month. Click on the statement you’d like to view to open it in a new tab, where you’ll also see options to download or print your statements. 

Recent Activity: Displays a list of all recent activity in your Lovingly Account, including Selection Guide modifications, orders placed on your website, bank transfers, and more. You can click on any pink link to view that item. 

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