Filter your orders

View your orders by delivery date, order type, order status, and more.

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Want to view your orders by delivery date, order type, or order status? No problem. These filters (and more!) are all available in your Orders list.
Navigate to your Orders list by clicking the Orders icon. Then, to filter your orders, click the Filter icon (it looks like three horizontal lines) just above the Delivery Date column. 

In the Filter page that opens, you’ll see options to filter by order type, order stage, delivery date, and more. Select your options and click the pink “Filter” button at the bottom of the screen to see your results.
You can also select more than one filter option - for example, you can filter orders for Local Delivery that are due for Tomorrow

To remove a filter, click the “X” next to the filter you’d like to remove, or click the “X” above the Delivery Date column to remove all filters. 

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