Orders List

View and manage all of your Loving Store and Lovingly POS orders.

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In your Orders list, you can view a full list of all of your Lovingly orders - including web orders placed on your Lovingly Store and orders entered via your Lovingly POS. 

Click the Orders icon (its looks like the checkmark on a clipboard) to access your Orders list. By default, the list will be sorted by delivery date, but you can re-sort the list by clicking any column header. You can also apply filters to view only certain orders.
In the Lovingly Assistant panel, you’ll see an overview of your orders for today. Click on any order in your list to replace the overview panel with the details for that order. Click the “X” on the upper left side of the order details to return to the overview panel.
The color of each order number lets you see the status of each order at a glance.
Green: To Do
Purple: In Design
Pink: In Transit/Ready for Pickup
Gray: Delivered

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