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Creating, printing, editing, and deactivating coupons
Creating, printing, editing, and deactivating coupons

Coupons are a great way to market to new customers as well as encourage repeat sales.

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Create your coupon
To create a coupon, click on the Marketing icon (it looks like an outline of a person). Here, you can create a new coupon and edit coupons, as well as view your existing and expired coupons. 

1. Name Your Coupon: Give your coupon a promotional name, such as “Summer Saving Event” or “Mother’s Day Deal.”

2. Describe Your Coupon: Describe the coupon value. For example, “Save $10 on orders over $55,” or “10% off orders over $45.”
3. Create a Coupon Code: This is what your customer will enter to use your coupon. Keep it short and descriptive, like: “SAVE10NOW,” “GIFT15,” or “MOMDAY10.”
4. Choose a Discount Value: You can offer a set amount ($10) or a percentage (10%) by choosing “Cash Off” or “Percent Off.”
5. Select Restrictions:

  • If you require a minimum purchase amount to use the coupon, check off “Order Must Be” and add your minimum purchase price.

  • Use “Limit to” to set a number of redemptions for your coupon.

In “Active from,” enter the start date and end date for your coupon. This field is required, so if you’d like to use the coupon indefinitely, enter a date far in the future here.
When you’re satisfied with your coupon settings, click “Create Coupon” to save your work. If you set your coupon to be active immediately, you’ll see it in the “Active” section in the right-hand panel. If your coupon will be available in the future, it will be in “Inactive.”
Deactivate your coupon
To remove a coupon, locate it in the Lovingly Assistant panel and click “Deactivate.” Customers will no longer be able to use deactivated coupons. 

Print your coupon
To print copies of your coupon (we recommend including coupons in your outgoing deliveries), locate the coupon in the “Active” panel and click “Print.” A print preview will open,  where you can select your printer and the number of pages you’d like to print. 

Edit your coupon
To edit your coupon, locate the coupon in your "Active" list and click the pencil icon to the right of the coupon name. You'll see a message reminding you that editing coupons may create issues for customers expecting to use the old coupon; click "Yes" to proceed. 

Make any desired changes to your coupon, then be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

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