Dispute a chargeback
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If a customer submits a chargeback request through their credit card or bank, you will receive an email with the chargeback information. There are several steps you can take to dispute the chargeback. 

Contact the customer for more information. Be sure to save any email communications, so you can use them to dispute the chargeback. 

If the customer says that they requested the chargeback by mistake (for example, they didn’t recognize your shop name on their statement), ask them to send you a written message confirming that they will reach out to their bank to cancel the dispute. 

Gather any proof of delivery you have, including delivery confirmations, drivers’ logs, and delivery signatures.
Scan or take digital photos of any relevant paper records and save them to your computer, so they are ready to upload to dispute the chargeback.
Submit your dispute evidence
 Please note that evidence can only be submitted ONCE. Do not proceed to this step until you have ALL of your documentation prepared.
When you have gathered your evidence, locate the disputed order in your Orders list. In the order details in the Lovingly Assistant panel, click “Submit Evidence.” 

In the Chargeback Dispute Evidence form, you can upload the files relevant to your claim. You can also enter details that you think will help you win the dispute.
Once ALL of your documents have been attached and you’ve provided any additional details, click “Submit Evidence.”
Any evidence you submit will be sent to the credit card’s bank. That company will then make a decision about whether or not to resolve the dispute in your favor. The disputed amount is refunded to your bank account if the dispute is resolved in your favor.
Note that it can take up to 60 days for a dispute to be resolved, and Lovingly is not notified of the reasoning behind the decision made on a dispute.

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