Receiving chargebacks

Why chargebacks are initiated, and how to help stop them.

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Typically, a chargeback is requested by a customer who is unhappy with their order, does not recognize the charge on their credit card, or has been the victim of identity theft. When this happens, the customer will call their credit card company or bank, and ask to have this charge removed from their account - causing a chargeback to your shop.
Ways to help prevent chargebacks
Sometimes, you can spot a “suspicious order” by the order details. Check the order carefully if you notice:
• A very expensive order with multiple add-ons
• The recipient and customer email address or name are the same
• The delivery address is far outside of your city or state
You can also be prepared for potential chargebacks by always marking your completed orders as “Delivered,” and by getting proof of delivery signatures from your recipients. Keep copies of delivery signatures and drivers’ logs saved. 

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