Select your Lovingly Account printers

Choose default printers for order notifications, SuperTickets, and receipts.

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To access Lovingly Account printer settings, click here, or click the profile icon on the bottom left corner of your account, click "Settings & Preferences," then click "Printing" in the side panel. 

First, you'll see an option to download Lovingly Print. If you don't get have Lovingly Print installed, click the download button and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up the program. 

Next, you'll see your Global Printing settings. Your Global Printing settings control all Order Notification and SuperTicket prints across your Lovingly Store and all of your workstations. 

Click the arrow on the righthand side of New Order Notification to view or change the default printer. In the expanded view, you'll see a list of all available printers. Click the radio button under the "Default" column to assign your default printer. You can also select a tray for printing Order Notifications. When you're happy with your settings, click the pink printer icon under "Test Print" next to the default printer you've chosen to make sure that everything is working as you expected.

Next, go ahead and repeat the steps above for SuperTicket printing. 

Use the Online Order Printing Options to toggle automatic printing for Lovingly Store website orders on or off. 

At the bottom of the page you'll see your Workstation Receipt Printing Options. This is the printer that you'll use only for receipts printed from this workstation. Each workstation (computer/device) in the shop can be connected to a different receipt printer if you'd like, or to the same printer. 

If you're connecting to a thermal receipt printer, be sure to check the "Thermal" option. 

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